Try Knit

We’re having a fifteen-minute group call at Knit (Beta) every day except Sunday at:

  • 10:30 AM Pacific,
  • 1:30 PM Eastern,
  • 7:30 PM Central European.

This is the best way to see Knit in action while socializing with other users. Simply use the button below when it’s time.

You can also just give Knit a go with your own group. Let us know how it went! You can reach us anytime using the chat bubble on the bottom right.

Please note that Knit (Beta) is currently only available for desktop/laptop computers using Google Chrome and not on mobiles or tablets. For frequently asked questions and the limitation of the current version, please consult our app help page.

Have fun, talk to you later.

Orest & Konrad from Knit

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